Getting Started with the iPhone

An Introduction for Blind Users
By Anna Dresner and Dean Martineau
In braille, eBraille, ASCII text/Word, and DAISY formats, $18

The iPhone. You know you want one.

You can use your iPhone to check email and Twitter, listen to music, listen to radio programs from faraway places, read eBooks, verify your walking or driving location, pay bills and transfer funds, monitor the weather across the planet, time recipes, awaken to the alarm clock, be reminded of appointments, exchange text messages, play a wide variety of games, play the auto harp and ocarina, fight with a light saber that makes different sounds as you move your hand around, scan bar codes, make multi-track recordings, cure a headache - even to make and receive telephone calls! You'll be blown away by the power and flexibility of this device. To be able to do so much with a gadget that fits into a pocket is absolutely amazing. And it's accessible out of the box!

In Getting Started with the iPhone, authors Anna Dresner and Dean Martineau show you what's possible on the iPhone and get you up and running.

The book is divided into four main parts. Part 1 tells you what you need to know before you can start using your iPhone: advice on purchasing an iPhone and getting it ready to use.

In Part 2 you'll turn on your iPhone and begin to use it. You'll explore the home screen, configure basic settings, make phone calls, and type using the on-screen keyboard, a Bluetooth keyboard, and a braille display keyboard.

Part 3 goes through the wide variety of apps that come with the phone, and shows how to purchase apps, music, and other fun content.

Finally, Part 4 includes a journal Anna wrote as she learned to use the iPhone. It will give you an idea of what it's like to use an iPhone and how
you might go about learning new apps.

Appendix A compiles all the gestures - specific ways of touching the iPhone screen. Appendix B includes answers to frequently asked questions, and Appendix C lists resources you can use to learn more.

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While this book focuses on the iPhone, most of it also applies to the iPod Touch, and much of it applies to the iPad.

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