Get the Picture!

Viewing the World through the iPhone Camera

by Judy Dixon
In braille, BRF, Word, or DAISY, $15.00
The camera on an iPhone or iPad does a great deal more than take photos!  Just ask Judy Dixon, who not only takes panoramic photos of her new patio, but also clicks the shutter to identify her apricot sweater, pull out an Andrew Jackson bill, scan a barcode at Whole Foods, do FaceTime with a friend in Portugal, and so much more! Now she's sharing what she knows in her new book: Get the Picture: Viewing the World With the iPhone Camera. Judy tested and rated hundreds of apps to find those most accessible to blind users. 
In this book, Judy has applied the knowledge she has gained from months of research on iPhone photography and has put into practice strategies enabling people who are blind to enjoy creating and sharing their own photographs of the world around them. Whether you're interested in taking pictures of your newborn for the family album, or your prized tomatoes for your Facebook page, Judy covers all aspects of taking pictures - from photographing people to photographing sunsets. And every iPhone user will want to read her sections on using FaceTime and Skype!
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